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Inflation getting you down? Shrieking at the gas station? Twenty dollars more spent at the market? Suggestions from Karen and Connie Levi might help you. We learned from the master and mistress of saving money. What you save can be given to a reputable charity. We have links on our FB pages. Simple to donate. It is pathetic how few actually have done so. I know some of you have given to good causes independently.

For G--d's sake, downsize your motor vehicle. If I see one more long, black monstrosity speeding down a road, I might become a violent person. What are you thinking? And I don't care how many children you are homeschooling or grandchildren you are babysitting. Family planning goes a long way. What is the deal with supporting oil companies and their CEO's? I thought you and your family were so bright; doesn't seem like you can connect car to gas station to oil pipeline to earth to corporation. And saving the earth is probably the most important issue of our time.

Why are you shivering outside eating cold food when you could be eating inside your home, warm and toasty? (Assuming you live in temperate areas of the northern hemisphere where it is still winter.) Think of the money you can save by creating your own meals. Anyone who is acquainted with me, knows I do not like to cook. So prepare salads, soups. Put together meals for several days in advance. Clear out your freezer and refrigerator. If you want to support your favorite restaurant, order carry-out.

Do not drive to the restaurant--walk or bike. If you do not live near a restaurant, I give up. You probably do not need your large suburban house anymore which is located on a cul-de-sac, only accessible to the outside world by motor vehicle. Bravo to those who have downsized or live near commercial areas.

This brings me to walking. Both Connie and I step out as much as possible, combining errands. We both have "no drive" days. How about it--saving you money; decreasing pollution; and providing you with sensible, no nonsense, and safe exercise? Older people usually will not fall if they look straight ahead and down for nasty, uneven sidewalks. I always trip when I look up. "Look, Isabel, at those beautiful blossoms." Before I know it, I am down on the grass. Walking is less risky than skydiving, rock climbing, and swimming the English Channel.

Old is in. (That is us!) New is out. Follow the model of your mothers and grandmothers that we ridiculed. Yes, unfortunately, they have been proven correct in most ways (with the exception of going to a psychotherapist). Visualize old world women in overcoats and scarves, carrying net bags and pushing shopping carts. That's us--disguised in leggings, boots, and puffy jackets. Ponder for a moment; our children will be writing this message to their offspring in a matter of years.

To quote Connie, "this is war." War, you ask? Yes--COVID, our earth, Europe, Afghanistan, China, the Middle East. Wherever one looks, it is happening. Might I add--racism, immigration, dictators, political reactionaries, corruption, guns, crime. So do something. You may not have experienced the tragedies but someone just like you has suffered as I write. Act.

© 2022 Karen Levi

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