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"Be Best" (on the eve of the best--LAST--hours of the Trump years)

What a stupid, stupid phrase. Be Best what? Be the best person you can be is probably what someone in Melania Trump's circle was thinking. But, advisors do not speak English in the White House? No one could inform Melania, a native Slovenian speaker, that this phrase is grammatically incorrect?

Perhaps--Be the Best. or Be Better.; however, all of these phrases mean absolutely nothing--zilch, null, void--which is what sums up the #45 First Lady or FLOTUS. A pretty face, no not that. Attractive, yes. Beautiful clothes--sometimes. Statuesque and gorgeous hair: I will give Melania those characteristics. She was the least of our problems but seriously a little grace, courtesy, and common sense? Never a fan of Pat Nixon or Nancy Reagan, but they were polite. Laura Bush had warmth during her husband's worst moments. Barbara Bush exuded strength and purpose. Melania is the Slovenian model, who did not bother to learn proper English nor demonstrate kindness. She could have attempted to stop her husband from throwing papertowels; bent down to hug a child separated from his/her parents; or read a book to an elderly individual. But Princess Diana she is not. Zilch, zero, zed. Nada, nothing, null. I read that Melania did not even invite Jill Biden to tea which is a tradition. How can an individual given an opportunity to have influence do so little? I seem to ask that question frequently about people. She has not cried, laughed, smiled, or frowned. All she gave us was barely a smirk complemented with narrowed eyes. What was Be Best? I thought the slogan referred to ceasing bullying on the Internet. The intended campaign did not occur, and her husband was the meanest bully to appear on the national stage. Today, #45 touted his wife's work by commenting about opioids and foster children. If only, if only opioid use could have been decreased and foster children helped. How sad, sad. So sad. Four years of horror + nothing. What does that equal? Just bad, bad trouble. Americans are sick, stressed, frightened, confused, and angry. I think we are unaware of the tension that lies within our bodies and between us, due to the last four years. I speak not of the obvious divides, but the subtle snipes which occur daily. We are scared of the future actions of #45, even with 24 hours to go in his term. Our beautiful capital city is an armed camp which will take years to disassemble. I am ashamed and disgusted. Elections and the transfer of power are no longer seamless. Trump has managed to create unimaginable ugliness in four years. Now is the time for truth, communication, and healing.

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