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How to Reduce your Impact on climate change--10 simple tasks

The clock to save our planet is running down. Your time on the planet has always been limited. Now that we are older, we visualize an end to our bodily lives. I do not know about you, but I want to leave some evidence that I made an effort to maintain the earth as a livable environment. Certainly, I feel powerless in view of such a tremendous task. Apparently, small changes accomplished by many reduce the deleterious effects of greenhouse gas emissions. Burning fossil fuels, cutting down trees, and mishandling of land usage result in the release of carbon dioxide. Methane--another greenhouse gas--is caused by landfills, livestock grazing, and gas appliances. So, as a reminder, do your share:

  • Designate one or two days/week that are no-car days

  • Purchase a small or compact hybrid or electric car

  • Drive/take a train instead of fly for short distances

  • Compost

  • Eat less meat

  • Join a tree planting effort

  • Recycle, recyle, recycle

  • Install solar panels if you live in a house

  • Explore the source of your electric power Buy electric appliances

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