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Powerless, angry, frustrated, my reactions this morning caused by yet another shooting. Another paired with shooting is redudant. I should write shooting, and people will understand that it is "just another day in America." We are citizens of a country that allows anyone to own as many weapons of death as they desire. In the old days of 30 years ago, Americans bought fishing equipment or fabric to sew clothes, for example. Now, according to news reports, Americans flock to stores to purchase guns, not to hunt but to gun down whomever they please.

A mentally imbalanced person is perturbed or damaged and BAM, actually BAM, BAM, BAM twenty times over. Hand guns are not sufficient. Individuals buy automatic rifles because they are cool, poweful, bad ass, macho? Individuals who possess guns because "they like them" or they want "to protect" their families go beserk, reach for their firearms, and don their bullet proof vests.

Everyday, I see individuals power up their BMW's, SUV's, and trucks and speed down suburban streets. That's bad enough. But now, anyone over the age of 18 in Texas can buy any kind of weapon, no questions asked, and open-carry in public. Variations of this free-for-all occurs in other states.

Years ago in the 1970's, perhaps, people who felt teased and tormented punched out the bullies--a few black eyes, maybe broken ribs. That was that. I feel sorry for those who are bullied. I hate bullies. There are many causes for bullying. Being ridiculed is not a reason to kill. No excuse. An argument with your girlfriend or wife. No, shooting is not the answer. Suicide is a tragedy. Research shows that the method used directly relates to what is available. If guns are accessible, that will be the choice. And self-harm by gun is more often fatal than other methods.

We all have bad impulses, like me at the moment. But, I do not have any weapons nearby except for one carving knife and some steak knives. I have no intention to harm anyone except for certain politicians, but I would not get very far with three knives. This is not to say that knives in the wrong hands cannot be brutal. Back to impulses--Mentally unstable person + guns + anger=tragedy Solution--Get rid of guns. That is my math.

I know. Blah blah. You must have your gun locked in a box under your bed, ammunition separate. At 2 or 3 a.m., you are going to put all the pieces together and be ready to shoot when the intruder enters? And how will you do that, especially if you are over 60 and your motor speed has decreased?

I do not care anymore for the rights of gun owners. What about the rights of everyone to be safe? Let us have a moratorium on guns. Biden should call for a National Day of Gun Return. The question is--and those of you who possess guns, sell guns, and belong to gun associations must think hard--ARE YOU WILLING TO FOREGO WEAPONS FOR THE SAFETY OF ALL OF US?

The answer is probably NO. So how about a compromise? No automatic weapons or parts that turn guns into automatics.

Peace to the victims and their families. And may the mothers and fathers of the children killed become advocates for an end to a national nightmare.

© 2022 Karen Levi

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