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Nothing New--Sad all the Same

I read stories about refugees stranded in Mexico, attempting to enter the United States legally. These are women, children, and men fighting for survival. Their struggles are no different from the millions of unfortunate people who have attempted to leave a dangerous homeland. In this case, a good number are escaping a violent death at the hands of gangs who are no less than terrorists. Avoiding certain murder forces families to risk safety and security for a chance at life. Guatemalans running from thugs in their villages is identical to the Chinese escaping Communist rule in 1949. The Jews who left Spain during the Inquisition possessed the same instinct for survival as the Rohyinga in Myanmar, fearing death (by Buddhists if that can be fathomed). The examples are endless. Most Americans understand why slaves attempted escape; so why do they chastise their brown brothers and sisters who plead to gain access to the United States? Desperate refugees focus on food, shelter, and a means to survive. I abhor the attitude of Americans who are anti-immigration. All citizens have forbearers who arrived from elsewhere, with the exception of Native Americans. My ex-husband and I adopted two children from Latin America. One motivation to adopt internationally was the awareness that children frequently are in dire situations without a safety net. It is tragic that circumstances have continued to deteriorate for poor people in these countries. Governments south of our border are commonly irresponsible and corrupt. But how much of the weakness has been caused by American intervention? How many times has the U.S. government interfered with elections?

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