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Updated: Dec 10, 2023

Someone wise in website building informed me that websites should be updated periodically. My site was way overdue for tweeking. For me, this is a different time to change. I usually feel the urge for renewal in spring or in September at the Jewish New Year holiday. I am building a new website and transfering my blog writing to the website. That way, followers will read my blog and then be on my site. My readers tend to be older and shy away or shun websites.

I have been experiencing a writer's block. I trace it to October 7 and the horrendous events of that day in Israel. I am stunned, shocked, and saddened. I feel that anything I write has already been said or written in our 24/7 news cycle. Add to that the writers who contribute to the New York Times, Washington Post, New Yorker, Atlantic, and other sites, and I feel foolish contributing my two cents to the millions of dollars worth of wise commentary.

I am not surprised that Hamas attacked. I was shocked that Israel or the United States were not watching. The hostage situation is painful. Most profoundly, I am alarmed and angry that liberal media and organizations took their time to be abhorred by the violence committed by terrorists. Frightening also is the virulence on college campuses by students and faculty towards the victims. I am astounded that the brightest of our young people seem to have difficulty differentiating between freedom fighters and terrorists, willing to shout slogans that mask the opinion that Israel should cease to exist.

Not that diplomats confer with me, but I think cease fire at this point is wise. The world is solidly against Israel. I do not condone killing of innocent citizens. It is vital to acknowledge that terrorists hide among civilians thereby putting them at risk. Let us be realistic--Gaza was not a thriving metropolis or area before the current war. Hamas ruled and controlled every aspect of life and invested most of their money in military preparedness.

It is the dark time now, though lots of music for me, winter concerts and recitals. Isabel and I had a successful trip to Japan. Actually, we pulled off a miracle of sorts--an older woman and her adult daughter with Autism managed trains, hotels, sites, cities, museums, and restaurants, in a country where English is not widely spoken, on our own.

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