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I wish I could say that I was correct, and my Dad was wrong which is the adolescent in me. But, he was right and maddeningly so.

It was the summer of 1968, and the Democrats were fighting, nothing new there. I certainly had grown up, as the assassinations of Martin Luther King and Robert Kennedy that Spring had affected me in impactful ways. Though still a teenage idealist, I hoped Gene McCarthy would win the Democratic nomination which marked the beginning of my liberal years when I thought right would win over might. Of course I was wrong, Humphrey received the nomination and riots followed.

I did not stop being idealistic--knocking on doors in Oxnard, California in the evening of the 1972 general elections (while the news agencies, unbeknownest to me, had already declared Nixon the winner). I think my idealism died with Bernie Sanders losing the primary fight in 2020.

Since then, I see clearly what my father was thinking. Back in 1968, Humphrey--though still disparaged which he doesn't deserve--had the skills and centrist views that could win a presidential election. He was the traditional, older Democrat, perhaps not so exciting but solid enough to sway independents and Republicans in a general election. Alas, it did not work out, and the country suffered with Nixon, though he appears as a prince now or, at least, a redeemable character.

My father stubbornly liked Lyndon Johnson, who was despised by the liberals. I was torn, since I knew my father had a point. But, I sided with the younger liberals. It became moot when Johnson said he would not run for reelection. For the record, though not dashing nor Harvard educated, Johnson signed important bills which affect Americans to this day--the Civil Rights and Voting Rights Bills, his Great Society legislation, and amendments to the Social Security Act. He was a centrist Democrat and leader of the people which we desperately need more of today.

Fast forward to 2024, and I espouse Joe Biden's wisdom, clarity, and empathy. I point to his many accomplishments--Infrastructure bill, the American Rescue Plan, gun safety legislation, to name a few. Yet younger Americans absolutely do not support nor like him. Of course, to me, this is baffling. But, similarities to 1968 (and unfortunately a subsequent string of Democratic presidential defeats) are unmistakable. Biden is not cool--he's not adept at quick TikTokable quips. He expounds and pontificates--explains in other words. Younger people want fast and simple, like a reel on Instagram. Look, laugh, scroll on. I agree Instagram videos can be entertaining but not serious as the upcoming election.

What can I say? Millienials and Gen Z'ers. It is your turn. Let us hope you come to your senses, as we Baby Boomers and Gen X'ers did, which was sobering and not fun. Dad--you were correct!

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