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Click and the item comes in a few days, dresses for $11, tops for $8, directly from China. The first hint that something is weird, an item shipped internationally in a plastic bag with no return address or receipt. Too good to be true? The item you purchased is neither true nor good. Most probably a prisoner deep in China produced the product. Do you want to be complicit in promoting slavery and imprisonment of innocent people? If you buy directly from these companies you support these inhumane practices.

I try to avoid products "Made in China." I agree it is extremely difficult since these mass produced cheap products have overrun stores and online sites. When the price of an item is ridiculously cheap, one has to think. According to a bit of research, I discovered that prices from Temu and Shein are much lower than say Just international shipping alone costs more than $10, for example.

Congress has passed laws forbidding this type of business. Laws are only as good as the people. Companies set standards prohibiting the use of slave labor which are not enforced.

Muslims in the Xinjiang province of China have been systematically tortured, abused, imprisoned, and separated from their families. Children are re-educated to use Mandarin, not their native language.

Uyghurs have tremendous difficulties in emigrating from China. If an individual manages to leave, he/she/they could be followed and blackmailed by the Chinese government to prevent the refugee from telling the story of their people's plight. Uyghurs now living in the United States have related the horror stories to me and other activists.

The world has turned upside down for the Palestinians. I am not diminishing their tragedy. However, the pocketbook seems to cause seemingly concerned citizens of the world into blind consumers. If it's cheap, why not buy it? Just a click and it's yours. Next time before you click on a $4 fashion t-shirt, think of the sacrifice of the laborer and the human tragedy.

If you like SNL, watch the video below.

This is an old story by now. But very few listen.


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