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As I took my walk today in the drizzle, I thought of the adage I heard growing up in the city of San Francisco (not the suburbs which had different weather). During the summer, adults said, "It's not rain, it's heavy fog." I am not sure why they commented as we were pushed outside to play in the neighborhood or participate in day camps under wet Eucalyptus trees and the persistent damp grey skies. It seems it was a sense of pride. Parents and older people seemed to insinuate that we were tough San Franciscans who should love the cumulative effect of moisture that permeated the streets

and parks.

San Francisco does not experience typical seasons, but there are changes in the weather. The rainy season usually is from November through February. So I suppose heavy drizzle could not be rain in June, July, or August. Whatever it was, I did not like the weather. As soon as I could, I left San Francisco. People are often astounded, "You left that beautiful city?" Yes, I did. I hated being cold in the summer. It did not seem fair or reasonable. I knew summer meant warm weather in the northern hemisphere.

San Franciscans do not use the heating system in summer. Why? The temperature may feel like winter, but it is summer. This never made sense to me.

I whined, "It is so cold inside."

My mother said, "Put on a sweater."

I asked, "Why can't we turn on the heat?"

She answered, "It's summer."

That was the end of that. I thought a bit of humor would cheer readers up given the nastiness of the world at the present. War is way worse than fog. Being damp and cold is inconsequential given the terror some children are experiencing all over the world.

And sorry to depress you further, but the heavy fog or drizzle in summer seems to have diminished in San Francisco due to climate change. Oh, when I see someone in a fleece jacket decorated with a San Francisco logo, I know that person did not realize how cold it can feel in July.

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