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His hair is still orange. He-who-will-not-be-named drones on and on, the lies toppling over one another like dominoes. 91 criminal offenses. lost the election, and impeached twice, and he still hangs around tormenting the good citizens of the United States. I write "good" loosely for I do not know how to characterize voters who lack common sense.

There were elections in the past when I questioned my fellow Americans. Now I am faced with the fact that about half of the country supports a highly unscrupulous individual for President. I consider myself educated and well read, but I am not a genius. I thought most people were generally like me, give or take religious, regional, gender, and age differences. Recently, I wonder about the intelligence, reasoning skills, and thought processes of millions of voters.

Before 2016, I thought people knew right vs. wrong in a basic moral sense. Though no angel myself, stealing, lying and cheating egregiously, commiting acts of violence, and murdering are forbidden. Universal values were taught at home, school, community organizations, sports teams, and religious institutions. Is this still the case? Evidently, half the country does not apply these values to who they think should be President of the United States. No one is perfect but.... Mr. No Name has been caught lying, not paying taxes, probably raping,witholding money he owes, approving insurrection, destroying the careers of associates, sending friends to prison, and cozying with dictators. He utters words in impulsive bursts that harm and hurt, with no apparent self-monitoring.

T. has the right to run for President again. In the world I inhabited before 2016 or thereabouts, #45 would have been shamed off the political stage if he did not possess a shred of decency himself. Recent political neer-do-wells, i.e Richard Nixon, knew he was finished after the machinations of 1972-4. Further back in the 1950's, a Boston lawyer, Joseph Welch, stood up to a formidible creep in the Senate and said, "Have you no sense of decency?" That was sufficient for the American public to shun Senator Joseph McCarthy. Evidently, the American public of the 1950's, naive by our standards, could identify and withdraw support for an extremely dangerous public servant. The voters did not say, oh, he passed a bill that helped me, so I'll vote for him again. Or, he supports_____ so he has my vote.

They placed the greater good above their wallets, property, gender, personal beliefs, and identification with a particular region in the country. Americans did not say, every politician is crooked. Washington D.C. doesn't care about us. So I will support the guy who doesn't care about anything except his own power. Racists, war mongers, spies, treasonists, and scoundrels have gathered around city halls, state houses, and the U.S. Congress forever. However, half of the voters did not support him/her for President twice and ostensibly believe the mistruths.

Biden is too old, that is the common sentiment. I would have preferred that Biden did not run again, and the Democrats had groomed a younger (qualified) candidate. Qualification for the job is the operative concept. To know what you are doing, to have wisdom and experience, do not these qualities make up for 4 years? The guy with the orange hair is 77.

The following article written before Trump won his first election compared him to other former "bad" Presidents. Just this one article would be enough to convince me not to vote for him. According to the piece, none of these men were on trial for 91 criminal offenses, denied the results of a re-election bid, and ran for President again. (Tyler tried but gave up.)

©Karen Levi 2024

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Mar 07

Excellent article! I, too, don't understand the people who follow him! I also don't understand the Republicans in Congress and their greed rather than supporting their oath to the Constitution! Our world frightens me for the future generation.

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