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Black History is For All Karen Levi

Updated: Apr 4

Last month, I had the privilege of attending the Obermayer Awards which is part of a larger organization Widen the Circle. One of the winners was a woman I nominated, whom I have worked with in Germany. The Obermayer Awards honors Germans who have worked tirelessly to increase multicultural understanding, including remembrance work around Germany's problematic past. Widen the Circle broadens the vision, linking activities in Germany to similar ongoing work in the United States.

I met two individuals who shed light on The Tulsa Massacre of 1921, Kristi Williams and Karlos Hill. Most Americans, including myself, were unaware of this tragedy until the 100th anniversary in 2021. A well-kept secret, like many horrendous events in the Jim Crow era, it is of utmost interest to Jews in the United States. The Tulsa Race Massacre was a pogrom with no purpose other than racial violence and destruction, and points to a tragic history of racism on both sides of the Atlantic. The United States is not immune to severe racial violence and ensuing deception to conceal the truth.

Thanks to the work of dedicated individuals in the United States and Germany, students from different backgrounds are learning about prejudice under the guidance of astounding educators. A small project at an elementary school in Berlin called "The Yellow Brick Wall" inspired Bryan Stevenson in his efforts, including the establishment of the Montgomery Alabama Civil Rights Memorial, among other projects.

Black history is related to Jewish history is related to all history. Taught properly, remembrance of the past should counter racially motivated ignorance, hatred, and violence.


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